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Cookies policy

Some areas of the OSF system may use cookies, which are small text files sent to a visitor’s computer that identify the visitor in a way necessary to simplify and speed up the operation of the site.

Cookies are harmless to your computer, as well as to you and your data. They do not contain information that could be used to identify you or to study your online behavior.

After logging out, you can delete cookies and it will not affect any subsequent sessions in the system.

OSF is using two types of cookies:

  1. the so-called user session identifier, i.e. information that the user has provided a valid login and password; this information is necessary for the correct operation of the service – disabling cookies in the browser will prevent the user from logging into the system;
  2. auxiliary (technical) user settings, such as the number of the current record in the list, the layout of objects on a given page (to be able to quickly restore it after reloading the page), etc.

Our cookies aren’t used for user tracking.