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Funding Stream Support System

Integrated System of Services for Science

A cutting-edge system dedicated to Polish scientists and entrepreneurs. It is used to register and handle applications for financing R&D projects and studies with the funds provided by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education, the National Science Centre, and the National Centre for Research and Development.

Funding Stream Support System – a comprehensive system for Polish innovators and Polish science.

Applications handled within

Ministry of Science and Higher Education Republic of Poland

Ministry of Science and Higher Education (MNiSW)

The Ministry ensures the high quality of Polish science and education at all levels. It provides the best possible working conditions for pupils and teachers, and university students, academic teachers and researchers. The Ministry promotes cooperation between science and business and uses its best efforts to make achievements of Polish scientists stand out internationally. Every year MNiSW allocates funds to programmes which increase the potential of Polish science and support actions aimed at the promotion of accomplishments of Polish researchers.

National Centre for Research and Development (NCBR) - logo

National Centre for Research and Development (NCBR)

The National Centre for Research and Development is a modern government agency which supports the implementation of Poland’s key projects. Its experts create the world of innovation. They build modern presence and future. NCBR is the main entity responsible supporting and designing innovative technological and social solutions. It initiates and implements projects that contribute to Poland’s development. The Centre is an executive agency
(within the meaning of the Public Finance Act), which is supervised as of March 7, 2024, by the Minister of Science.

National Science Centre (NCN) - logo

National Science Centre (NCN)

The National Science Centre is an executive agency established to support scientific activity focused on basic research. It facilitates empirical and theoretical studies aimed at gaining new knowledge on the basics of phenomena and observable facts, rather than at any commercial use. During the ten years of its existence, NCN has awarded over 23,000 grants to scientists from various academic centres in Poland.

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